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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

So as a hair professional I have tried a lot of different methods of securing a wig and I had to try Bold Hold to see what the hype was about. I did a vlog on my first experience with Bold Hold over a 2 week period. Check out my vlog here to see what to expect and how to maintain an install done with Bold Hold. More details on the product and my thoughts below:

What is Bold Hold? Created by the Hair Diagram, Bold Hold is a glue formula specifically for gluing down lace wigs of all sorts. It is not a gel being used as a lace glue (like Got2B Glued products), it is actual hair glue designed to secure your wig for a number of days depending on how you install and maintain it. Bold Hold has a glue, a remover, a skin protector and lace tape - brief description on each product as follows:

  • Bold Hold Extreme Creme: Normal extreme hold cream which dries transparent

  • Bold Hold Active Creme: Has a superior hold and works better on people with excessively oily skin

  • Bold Hold Skin Protector: Creates a layer of protection, blocks sweat, and body oil.

  • Bold Hold Lace Remover: Assists with removal and helps eliminate product build up on lace.

  • Bold Hold Lace Tape: Used as a strong hold adhesive for wig attachment.

What I liked

  • I did not have to guess when to apply the wig, the glue got clear when it was dry and tacky and ready for application.

  • I loved the refill glider for easy application. The glider is also small enough to carry around in case you need to retouch.

  • Bold Hold is water proof so I did have to worry about rainy days but I tried my utmost best to keep it dry in order for my application to last longer.

  • I liked that Bold Hold has a skin protector and remover so I did not have to worry about how to remove it and whether it is safe to do so.

What I didn't like

  • I had to avoid getting any oil based products on my wig application because the glue comes off easier with oil. So I had to avoid using some of my very loved makeup products.

  • My wig lifted with sweat and I had to retouch it, so it isn't completely sweat proof especially if you have oily skin.

  • Bold hold does have a bit of a school glue smell to it but nothing too distinctive that does not go away in like 24 hours.

Usage tip

  • Wrap your hair at night to ensure that your wig lasts longer.

  • Use the lace glue and lace tape together for a much longer lasting application.

  • Although Bold Hold is water proof, try to keep your application dry for a longer lasting application.

  • If you have oily skin use Bold Hold Active as it works better for people with oily skin.

  • The glues are a bit smaller than they appear in pictures so use it wisely and a little will go a long way. Two to three coats is more than enough to hold your wig down.

  • Let your bold hold creme turn completely transparent/clear before applying your wig or adding another layer.

  • Clean off glue residue on your lace in between installs, product build up can make the product ineffective.

Overall impression

Bold Hold really melts into your lace and gives it the most natural look. Your wig can last for 3-4 weeks with extra care and taking the above usage tips into consideration. It is a great product and I love that it is DIY friendly, unless you really suck at doing your own hair, in which case please let a professional do it for you. It's worth every penny.

Let me know what you think about the product once you try!

with love,


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