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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Every wig wearer nowadays want to how to lay down a wig and make it look natural. So in this post I am sharing my top products for laying down a wig and where to purchase it in South Africa. If like me, you want to protect your own hair (especially your edges) and you do not want to use actual hair glue, you will love these glue alternatives. Here it goes:

1. Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel/Spiking Gel: the Schwarzkopf Got2b products are my favourite for securing my wig. They just work well and are super easy to remove. I prefer the invincible styling gel (black tube) compared to the spiking gel (yellow tube) but both work really well and can be used with a holding spray for extra security. You can purchase the invincible gel only on Takelot, Haircity has both. I also stock it on my Instagram page @belvanihair, DM to order.

2. L'oreal Studio Line Indestructible Glue Gel: Great alternative to Got2b products, I like to use the 10 hold gel in the tub, although the 9 hold in the tube works just as well with a holding spray. It is readily available at Clicks stores nationwide. You can also purchase it on Takelot.

3. Moco de Gorila Punk Extreme Hold Gel: Also has a crazy hold like the Got2b alternatives but not readily available in SA. It can be purchased on Ubuy they import it for you from the US.

4. Got2B Glue Blasting Freeze Spray: can be used on its own for laying down a wig but best used with any of the above mentioned gel glues. I also use it for creating volume and holding my style in place (which is its intended purpose anyway). You can purchase the spray at 'The Wig Gallery' in Cape Town (visit their IG page for contact details, handle the_wig_gallery). I also stock it on my Instagram page @belvanihair, DM to order.

5. Vo5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray: a great alternative to the Got2B freeze spray to use with the gel glues. It has a firm hold as well and I also use it to hold my hairstyle in place. You can purchase it at Clicks stores nationwide.

Let me know how these products work for you once you have tried it.If you are aware of other places that stock these products or products that work just as well, please comment below. Thanks for reading,

With love,



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