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Hi, my name is  Belvana Abeli and I have a passion for all things hair, if you do too you have come to the right place. A couple of years ago I created my own virgin hair extensions brand called Belvani Hair (Ya Belvana Hair just didn't sound right, so I went with Belvani instead, I mean why not?). 

I love the versatility and fun that comes with wearing hair extensions. To me, wearing hair extensions is about playing around with length, colour, and texture without interfering with my own natural hair (which I also wear with pride). Hair has simply become my indicator of style and a way of expressing myself and my personal preferences. I really have so much fun just switching up my hair to compliment my style and I love how I do not have to stick to one hairstyle for life. So my brand is about allowing other women to express their personal style, just be whoever, whenever and have fun doing it.

About 8 years ago when I ventured into the hair extension industry, I had no idea how complex the industry was. Although I was familiar with the term Virgin Hair, I had no idea that the industry was not protected by laws and regulations. I learned the hard way that due to a lack of industry regulations, many companies sold chemically processed hair (sometimes mixed with synthetic hair) but marketed it as 100% virgin hair. I spent a lot of money trying to find authentic virgin hair but at times was unsuccessful, and it didn't feel good nor right to be ripped-off of my hard-earned money, I did not want any of my customers to ever go through that. In the past years, I spent a lot of time researching the industry, visiting suppliers, testing the hair and speaking to industry experts - this hard work has paid off, I finally found raw and authentic hair and fell in love with it, I hope you do too.

Belvani Hair is a result of all the hard work I put into getting to know the hair industry, and I can vouch to the authenticity of the hair we provide. So when you think about Belvani Hair, I want you to think about how much fun you can have with hair extensions and I want you to think about the great quality and authenticity of our hair, it's worth every penny, and thats a promise. 


Whether you are here to buy some hair, book a service, read our blog, watch our cool tutorials, or just browsing I am really happy to have you here and I appreciate your time.  


WELCOME to my world of hair and thank you for joining my journey!

Here's to perfect hair days *clink clink*

with love, B

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